My calluses were formed in my home town of Calgary Alberta, playing in numerous bands of various styles. Whether plowing through punk rock power chords or softly picking through ambient spine-tinglers, I spent those years developing a true love for guitars, the people who play them, and the wonderful shared language of strummed or plucked strings.

As for building, I got my start at the Summit School of Guitar Building & Repair in Qualicum Beach, BC under the instruction of Mike Jarvis, Sigmund Johannessen, Arlen Pelletier, and  R.J. Fulton (currently of Mountainview School in Bellingham, WA.)  It was love at first set-up.

After graduating from the Master Luthier Program, I had the pleasure of continuing work at Summit with Johannessen, working on his instruments, doing repairs, and on a few occasions standing in as instructor.  At the same time, I designed and built the first series of guitars to bear my C.A. Newman logo on the headstock.

Since moving back home to Alberta and setting up my own shop, I’ve put my focus on the aesthetics, playability, sound, and all-important integrity of my designs. I hold a high standard, and I rush nothing.

I've received some amazing feedback about my guitars and I am proud of each one.

I believe in excellence of craftsmanship and I simply demand it of myself. If you like what you see here and you're in the market for a guitar built to fit you like a soul, then we should talk.

- Cory A. Newman