"C.A. Newman are some of the more talented Luthiers I have had the pleasure of working with in my 15 years of playing Bass.  We worked together to build a customized Bass, just for me, with all of the fancy trimmings to boot.  After a few months of emailing back and forth, they built me one of the most beautiful instruments a musician could ever dream of playing.  The wood was exotic and rich in its appearance, the inlay was subtle yet classy.  The cut, the feel, and even the weight of the instrument were all taken into consideration when building my signature series bass.  The instrument is absolutely perfect and I wouldn't change a thing about it.  I can't imagine playing anything else. C.A. Newman are meticulous in the work they do.  They understand quality, precision, and the much needed care in creating a professional level instrument."
- Amir Epstein (Crash Karma, Zygote)

Note: Amir speaks here of C.A. Newman in plural form because I was joined in the building process by friend & fellow luthier, Arlen Pelletier. (Pondera Pickups)
I am always grateful for these testimonials. Thank you much.
"I'm really impressed with the tone, playability, and knockout looks of this guitar !" - Ted Quinlan (renowned jazz guitarist)
"---I was initially apprehensive about getting Cory to build a custom guitar for me. I had yet to see any of his previous builds and beyond that, I am not the type of guitar player who can discuss specs of guitars. I know what I like when I play it. So, the process for us was simple. I met up with Cory, spent time playing the guitars he'd already built and since the quality of his guitars far exceeded my expectations, we immediately began discussing the details I liked from each individual build and used that as the building blocks for what became my guitar.

Like I said, I am not someone who can discuss specs, so when it came to picking out the type of wood, pick-ups, hardware etc, Cory laid out several options, provided his input and my decision was made based on his suggestions. Considering how much I relied on Cory for those decisions, I can only imagine the stress he felt when it came to revealing the guitar to me, but he absolutely nailed it. The look, feel and sound all came out exactly as I had hoped going into the project. After having a couple of years to play on it, I can say honestly that there is no reason for me to ever walk into a guitar store and buy something off the rack. Cory will build my next guitar, and the one after that.. and so on... " - Jeff Munt
“So proud of this custom detailed work. Cory has made a one of a kind guitar for me that is perfection. I've always tried to improve my skills as a guitar player and this instrument has helped in a way I never expected. Cory had every detail in mind. He took measurements I had no idea about. When this little beauty was given to me and I put it on it felt great, but sounded even better. So impressed with this instrument.” – Justin Stilwell